Job seekers

At FPC of Columbia:

  • Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff of recruiters has a combined experience of 115+ years in executive search and recruitment.
  • Each recruiter on our staff specializes in a specific functional discipline within the manufacturing arena; therefore, the recruiter(s) who will be working in your behalf are specialists in your discipline and/or industry.  They know and understand your discipline or industry because they deal in it exclusively every day.
  • Your FPC of Columbia recruiter understands your situation and your needs; most of our recruiters were candidates of our office who successfully made the transition from highly qualified candidate to expert recruiter.
  • Your information is maintained in the strictest of confidence.  Your resume will never be forwarded to one of our client companies without your knowledge and consent.  You will never receive an “out of the blue” call from one of our clients.
  • We have established working relationships with client companies in many different industries across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost me to work with an FPC of Columbia recruiter?

Without exception, our search process necessitates a relationship between recruiter and candidate based on honesty, trust, and cooperation. Candidates must be willing to invest in the process for it to have a successful outcome.

“Investing” means making time to interview, preparing for interviews (i.e. “doing your homework”), being honest with your feelings and opinions, and keeping your FPC of Columbia recruiter updated on your other job leads. Our goal is to ensure both candidate and employer win.

How does the recruiter work? What’s the process?

Our process is focused on preparation. We know the job, the decision makers in the search project, the culture of the organization and the reputation the company has in the marketplace.
We leverage that understanding to prepare and coach our candidates throughout the interview process. Our process is geared to ensure that from beginning to end, surprises and odd turns are kept to the absolute minimum.

Why is a relationship with my FPC of Columbia recruiter better than simply searching and posting on an Internet job board?

Put simply, our relationships involve people working with people. We do not rely on technology to “match” a person’s interest, motivations and goals to a position. A trained, experienced professional makes informed decisions based on an understanding of your needs.

Will my information be used without my knowledge?

Our policy is to always contact prospective candidates before sending your resume to one of our client companies.

What about confidentiality? I don’t want anyone at my present company to be aware of my search efforts.

FPC of Columbia’s database is proprietary and is not accessible to any other FPC office, nor is it accessible through common spidering technology.  Candidate information is entered directly into our database for use only by the recruiters onsite with our firm.