What Makes Us Different

Put plainly, FPC of Columbia is recognized as one of the top recruiting search firms in the country.  The size of our staff, specialized training, number of years of expertise, and quality of services simply outmatches our competition.  We have been the #1 office in America for 18 years because we pride ourselves in providing our clients absolute quality work. No skipping corners!  It is our goal to have our clients use FPC of Columbia as a natural extension of their human resources department.

Many of America’s leading industrial companies call FPC when they have professional job openings.  Why?


“FPC of Columbia can deliver motivated technical and managerial talent faster than my internal resources.” John Anderson, NOKIA


“FPC has been a leader in executive recruiting since 1950. We have been doing business with them for more than 15 years.”Sid Harper, Industry Week


“FPC of Columbia knows my business and the job functions that they are filling. They have professionals that specialize in Finance, IT, Marketing, Materials, Quality, R&D, Operations, Sales, and Six Sigma.”Ed Smith, General Electric


“FPC has a national network of more than 75 offices that they can leverage to find the right talent for me.”Gary Martin, Danaher

Speed. Success. Specialization. Resources. If America’s leading industrial companies depend on FPC of Columbia for executive recruitment, shouldn’t you?